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Kaydra Acoustic Panel

Economical without Compromise

From the classroom to the corporate boardroom, Kaydra Acoustic Panel provides a stylish and cost-effective solution to noise and reverberation. This lightweight acoustic panel is made from 100% recycled polyester fibre and can be utilised as a pinboard while providing outstanding acoustic insulation.

Our state-of-the-art workshop, Studio Kaydra, will customise this creative medium to your specifications. Kaydra Acoustic Panels can be laser-printed, precision cut or moulded into creative shapes and geometric patterns without the need for edging or capping.

Applications available:

  • Wall Covering
  • Panels between Workspaces
  • Stand-alone Features
  • Ceiling Panels (suspended horizontally or vertically or directly fixed)

We work with leading brands of Acoustic Panels such as Kaydra Panel, Echo Panel and Autex Cube. Please contact us to order your Kaydra Acoustic Panel colour samples.

Kaydra Acoustic Panel


Colours shown are as close to actual product as possible, however due to computer generation and printing process colours may vary.

Shade variation may occur between samples and batches.


9mm & 12mm Panels are available in 2440mm x 1220mm

12mm Charcoal and Silver Grey Panels are also available in 2700mm x 1220mm

Kaydra Acoustic Panel range has been designed to suit all types of working environments. From the classroom to the corporate board room, Kaydra Acoustic Panel can be used to reduce noise and reverberations whilst providing a stylish and cost effective solution to suit any area.

The acoustic panel can be utilised as a pinboard as well as an acoustic panel in applications such as wall panels and ceiling panels. This lightweight acoustic panel is made from 100% Recycled Polyester Fibre.

Kaydra Acoustic Panel has been tested to Australian Standards for acoustic performance by RMIT and fire rated by AWTA in compliance with the Building Code of Australia.

Perforations, Routings & Custom Designs

Studio Kaydra has the capability to custom design your acoustic panel including perforations and routing. With our state of the art CNC cutting technology, there is no limit to the designs and details that we can provide. Whether you are looking for suspended floating acoustic panels, acoustic ceiling panels or company logo branding, Studio Kaydra can provide you with the solution for all your acoustic needs.


Thickness 12mm 9mm
Composition 100% PET recycled polyester fibre 100% PET recycled polyester fibre
Dimensions 2440mm x 1220mm +/- 0% 2440mm x 1220mm +/- 0%
Weight 2000g/m2 1800g/m2
Fire Rating BCA C1.10 AS/NZS 3837-1998 - Group 3 AS/NZS 3837-1998 - Group 3
Sound Absorption AS ISO 354-2006 NRC Value - 0.45 (With No Air Gap) NRC Value - 0.30 (With No Air Gap)
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