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Within the everchanging world of interior design and construction, EWB found itself being called upon to do more than just pinboards and whiteboards.
On a commercial level, the advent of multi storey fitouts with custom acoustic wall and ceiling panels became a high priority for architects and designers alike. The success of a project is often determined at the drawing board, hence the conception of Studio Kaydra.

Our ability to transform an idea into reality has already been proven on numerous large-scale projects to date. The solutions we were able to present have been welcomed by the likes of La Trobe University, Melbourne University, Beca, Trinity Grammar and Presbyterian Ladies College.

No two projects or products are the same and in manufacturing today, this kind of expertise is hard to come by. EWB prides itself on being able to deliver outside the area of mass production without compromising the integrity of design, always ensuring the correct acoustic performance and the highest level of quality are delivered upon – down to the smallest detail.

If you are after acoustic screens in individual patterns or acoustic ceiling baffles shaped to your own design we use computer controlled CNC cutting technology to bring your ideas to life.

Not only are they required to perform their job of controlling reverberated noise and echo, they also have to look amazing while complying with the Building Code of Australia and the National Construction Code. We understand the complexities and requirements of suspended ceiling installation for seismic bracing. From the conception of your idea to the expert installation of the finished product at Studio Kaydra, you have our full attention.

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