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Acoustic Panels

Cutting Edge Noise Reduction Technology

More than just an excellent noise insulator, Acoustic Wall Panels provide limitless design options. These lightweight semi-rigid panels are made from compressed polyester felt material. Incredibly versatile, they come in a range of vibrant solid colours and a variety of thicknesses. Acoustic Panels can be laser-printed, precision cut or moulded into creative shapes and geometric patterns without the need for edging or capping.

This flexible material will be hard at work to reduce reverberation and background noises in any educational, commercial or retail environment.

Applications available:

  • Wall Covering
  • Panels between Workspaces
  • Stand-alone Features
  • Hanging Screens
  • Ceiling Panels (suspended horizontally or vertically or directly fixed)
  • Ceiling Baffles

We work with leading brands of Acoustic Panels such as Kaydra Acoustic Panel, Echo Panel and Autex Cube. For a colour sample chart please contact us.

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