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TeamBoard "77" diagonal

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TeamBoard "77" diagonal


TeamBoard Interactive Whiteboards feature a large intelligent projection surface that works with any computer software to capture and communicate your classroom ideas. Designed for true ease of use, TeamBoard begins to capture what you draw the instant your pen touches the drawing surface. In whiteboard mode, TeamBoard Suite provides easy to use tools that assist in content preparation and lesson development.

Optional slim line speakers available to fit either side of the board.

  • Compatible with Macintosh or Windows
  • Large 77 inch low-glare projection surface & dry-erase whiteboard surface
  • Guaranteed to clean
  • Fingertip driven - your finger is the mouse
  • If you prefer to use a marker: No special markers required - works with any dry-erase marker
  • Dedicated software installation choices: TeamBoard Draw & RM Easiteach Studio for K-12 Educational Institutions
  • Free of charge on-line software updates
  • Five year warranty

Board Type:
  • Wall mounted
  • Portable
  • Portable, electronically height adjustable

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