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Combination Board

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Combination Board


The combination board is simply a wall mounted board made up of a combination of either whiteboard and pinboard sections, chalkboard and pinboard sections or pinboard sections of different colours.
The board is complete with natural anodised aluminium trim surround and a natural anodised aluminium joining strip between the sections. The overall size of the board, number of sections, surface material and proportions are totally up to you.

Whiteboard Surface Options:
  • Acrylic, white
  • Vitreous enamel, white
  • Vitreous enamel, white with music staves
Chalkboard Surface Options:
  • R58 premium steel, dark green
Pinboard Surface Options:
  • Krommenie Cork (Forbo Bulletin Board)
  • Vertiface Velour/Classic Rib
  • Frontrunner/Prelude fabric
  • Trilogy One fabric
  • Fabric of your selection

Trim Options:

Anodised Aluminium Trim
  • V10, offers concealed fixing (standard)
  • K10 standard square edge
  • CEM3, offers concealed fixing (black insert tape)
  • EWB15 Reverse angle, a modern unobtrusive trim
  • EWB17 Slimline reverse angle, a modern unobtrusive trim 


  • Optional - Full Dulux or Interpon standard range
Pen ledge:
  • Boards under 2400mm: 300mm ledge (standard)
  • Boards over 2400mm: 600mm ledge (standard)
  • Full length pen ledge optional
Supply Options:
  • Supply and install
  • Supply and deliver
  • Supply only

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