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Forbo Bulletin Board (Krommenie Cork)

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Forbo Bulletin Board (Krommenie Cork)


Forbo Bulletin Board (Krommenie Cork) is a decorative surfacing material from Europe, that's ideal for use on pinboards, walls and furniture. Made from renewable raw materials, the combination of linseed oil, rosin, cork and pigments in the product gives it flexibility and resilience. These qualities result in a product with exceptional durability that will retain its 'as new look' for a very long time.

The ability to cut and bend Forbo Bulletin Board to any shape means valuable wall space can be transformed into a stylish and functional surface.

  • Thickness: 6.0mm
  • Roll width: 1220mm
  • Roll length: ca 28m
  • Weight: 5.4kg/m²
  • Dust repellent (suitable for asthmatics)
  • Hygienic for walls (bacteriostatic)
  • Environmental Choice Australia approved
Forbo Bulletin board can be cut to your exact length and width requirements. Please enlarge the 'Forbo' thumbnail to see the full colour chart image. Colours are listed below, in order of the rows on the chart, running from left to right. Alternatively, contact us if you’d like a colour sample chart sent out to you.

Colour Options:
  • 2187 (Parchment)
  • 2182 (Light Grey)
  • 2203 (Sage)
  • 2186 (Light Beige)
  • 2162 (Flint)
  • 2185 (Blue)
  • 2067 (Beige)
  • 2204 (Dark Grey)
  • 2205 (Navy)
  • 2166 (Tan)
  • 2202 (Charcoal)
  • 2201 (Rust)

Supply Options:
  • Supply and install
  • Supply and deliver
  • Supply only

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