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Acoustic Ceiling Panels

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Acoustic Ceiling Panels


Acoustic ceiling panels easily overcome sound problems inherent with large spaces such as auditoriums, lecture theatres, offices and restaurants. They can be made to cover the entire ceiling. Soft edges of the porous core are strengthened with reinforced material, giving each panel a sturdy square finish

The unique Kaydra suspension system ensures a 30mm gap between the acoustic panel and the ceiling. Approximately 10% of sound produced passes through a Sound Wave Release Membrane at the rear of the panel and is absorbed in the air cavity between the panel and the ceiling, further enhancing the acoustic quality of the room. Alternatively the panels can be fitted directly to the ceiling.

The panels can be made to suit your specific size requirements.

  • Improved audibility
  • Improved aesthetics

Finish Options:
  • Aluminium trim surround
  • Fabric wrapped edges
  • With or without perforated face/back panel

Surface options:
  • Vertiface Velour/Classic Rib
  • Frontrunner/Prelude fabric
  • Trilogy One fabric
  • Fabric of your selection

Panel thickness:

  • Quietspace 25mm - 0.85 NRC
  • Quietspace 50mm - 1.0 NRC

Mounting options:
  • Adhere direct to ceiling
  • Split batten system


Supply Options:
  • Supply and install
  • Supply and deliver
  • Supply only

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