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Acoustic Wall Panels

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Acoustic Wall Panels


Acoustic wall panels easily overcome sound problems inherent with the type of construction used in many auditoriums and lecture theatres or large noisy spaces such as offices, cafes and restaurants. To enhance and complement your design, acoustic wall panels can be made to almost any shape desired. Together with our specialists we can produce innovative and stylish custom designs to suit your unique requirements.

Acoustic wall panels can be made to cover either a particular section of wall or the entire wall itself. Reinforced edging strengthens the soft edges of the porous core, giving each panel a sturdy square finish. Wall mounting of each panel is concealed with EWB’s unique split batten system.


Surface Options:
  • Vertiface Velour/Classic Rib
  • Frontrunner/Prelude fabric
  • Trilogy One fabric
  • Fabric of your selection

Panel thickness:

  • Quietspace 25mm - 0.85 NRC
  • Quietspace 50mm - 1.0 NRC

Mounting Options:
  • Adhere direct to wall
  • Split batten system

Supply Options:
  • Supply and install
  • Supply and deliver
  • Supply only

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