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Lined and Signwritten Whiteboards

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Lined and Signwritten Whiteboards


Planning whiteboards are custom made to suit the requirements of your specific business. They are a fantastic communication tool that will facilitate your planning by keeping you in touch with your office's, factory's or school's goals and activities.

This school planner allows for current term planning, further detailing of the week plus an area for general information. Interchangeable term plates clearly identify the term in which you're planning.

Wall mounted planning whiteboards are manufactured from a premium steel based acrylic surface, which is permanently lined and signwritten. The surface is receptive to magnetic objects such as interchangeable magnetic term plates or magnetic markers. Signwriting is made from high quality self-adhesive signage vinyl and available in various colours.

Each board is designed to suit your individual needs or specifications. Send us your own design and specific size requirements for a quote.

Surface Options:

  • Acrylic (5 year warranty)

Surface Colour:

  • White

Trim Options:

Anodised Aluminium Trim

  • V10, offers concealed fixing (standard)
  • K10 standard square edge
  • EWB15 Reverse angle, a modern unobtrusive trim

  • Optional - Full Dulux or Interpon standard range

Pen Ledge:
  • Boards under 2400mm: 300mm ledge (standard) 
  • Boards over 2400mm: 600mm ledge (standard)
  • Full length pen ledge optional

Supply Options:

  • Supply and install
  • Supply and deliver
  • Supply only

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