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Vertical Sliding Units

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Vertical Sliding Units


With vertical sliding units you can double or even triple the writing area available to your lecturers. The units come with either two or three sashes. Incorporating lightweight construction and the EWB easy glide sliding system, the sashes move easily within the unit.

To make these units even more versatile, we recommend installing a projection screen or interactive whiteboard to the wall behind the unit. All you need to do when it's time for projection is slide all two or three sashes to the bottom of the unit and there's your screen or interactive whiteboard.

We're able to make the unit(s) to suit your specific size requirements.

Whiteboard Surface Options:
  • Vitreous enamel, white
  • Vitreous enamel, white with music staves
  • Acrylic, white
Chalkboard Surface Option: 
  • R58 premium steel surface, dark green
  • Natural anodised aluminium trim 
Pen Ledge:
  • No
Standard Sizes:
  • 2400 w x 3000 h (overall); 2200 w x 1100 h (sash)
  • 3000 w x 3000 h (overall); 2800 w x 1100 h (sash)
Supply Options:
  • Supply and install
  • Supply and delivery
  • Supply only

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