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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Whiteboards
  • Chalkboards
  • Noticeboards
  • Projection screens
  • Interactive whiteboards

What’s the difference between Vitreous and Acrylic surface?
The vitreous whiteboard surface is produced by fusing glass to a steel surface and has a non glare finish.

The Acrylic surface comprises of acrylic paint finish backed onto a steel surface and has a shiny finish.

How do I get permanent marker off my whiteboard?
Trace over the permanent maker with a whiteboard marker, preferably the same or a darker colour. Then using your whiteboard eraser, wipe the ink from the board. A few attempts may be necessary. Any remaining permanent ink should be removed with thinners and a dry cloth.

Are our whiteboards magnetic?
Yes, all of our whiteboards are made from steel based materials and are receptive to magnetic objects.

Interactive Whiteboards – is Easitech software compatible with our whiteboards?
Yes, Easiteach software is compatible with all other interactive whiteboards.


Are our chalkboards black?
No, not any more. The most popular chalkboard surface colour is now dark green, which provides fantastic visibility of the written chalk.


Can noticeboards be Velcro friendly?
Yes, noticeboards can be Velcro friendly, allowing you to attach notices to the board without the use of pins.

Can I get a combination board?
Yes, you can get a combination board in either whiteboard, chalkboard or pinboard surface, with whichever proportions you require. It is totally your choice, as we manufacture to suit your needs, we can make to any size you want.


What is the ideal viewing position?
The 2 to 6 rule is a good guide. The closest viewing position should be no closer than 2 x the height of the screen with the furthest viewing position being no more than 6 x the height. 3 to 4 x the height of the screen is a good average distance.

What size screen should I buy?
The size you should buy is determined by the width of the room, depth of the room, suitable location of the projector, the power and throw distance of your projector, and where your audience will be sitting to view the screen. The larger the screen the more powerful projector you need.
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